Techydude is now in San Francsico!



After 9 months of exhaustive planning, saving money and paying off debts, research, dreaming, selling all our 240V-only appliances and a bunch of other stuff, then putting what remains on a ship bound for Oakland California, my husband and I are now happily resident in San Francisco. (the ship arrived a little over 3 weeks later, but will apparently require a further 2 weeks to pass thru U.S. customs scanning… :-/ )

It’s been one of those things that no one - not friends, family, and least of all myself - would have expected let alone seen coming, until my visit there in mid-2014, which changed my mind completely.  Yep, I fell for San Francisco big time :), it’s quaint architecture that’s only now beginning to feel the force of 21st Century redevelopment, it’s mind-boggling (at first) public transport options, it’s goegeous bay, its flats and its hills (and the roads that refuse to bend for those hills), its fog, myriad restaurants and cafes, its grittyness, and its epicentre of the tech world.

I’ll be completing my work with the client that’s dominated my time in 2015 until end-December.  After that is… “undecided” - let’s just say I’m at least as open to some of The Land Of Opportunity’s offers as I am of sticking with my current client#1, if that be their will.

I’ve also given my LinkedIn profile a pretty major update - link over on the right side-bar.

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