You will find all these testimonials on my LinkedIn profile. I can provide telephone-contact for reference checking to these people upon request.

Anthony was a key hire to lead the hardware development of our in-house multispectral camera system. He is an extremely dedicated individual that stepped up to the plate in a startup with limited resources and as spec changes outside of his control created a significant expansion of scope. Anthony even delved into the embedded Linux configuration and led the embedded software development effort when we expanded the team with a dedicated hire. He also was critical in resolving hardware issues quickly by taking a methodical approach to troubleshooting. I would definitely recommend Anthony to anybody looking for an all-around great hardware engineer focused on design.

Alexey Rostapshov, COO  (2014-2016) at Mavrx Inc.


Anthony was a joy to work with.

As an engineer he showed he was very capable of nutting out detail while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture and thinking about system level implications. He wasn't one to simply implement something because he was told to. He asked why we wanted something so he could better understand what parts of the requirements were firm and what had some degrees of freedom.

He understood that sometimes the reason for some engineering decision is due to a cascade of numerous dependencies with cause and effect that ripple down. He demonstrated that he was able to keep long chains of "cause and effect" reasoning live during detailed technical discussions. This is a great engineering skill when diving deep into requirements and detailed design.

Anthony was always prepared to learn something new. And always prepared to teach others.  I greatly valued the back and forth technical discussions we would have when mapping out designs.

While I think he thought we could iterate our hardware more rapidly, he was also capable of working in the "get it right first time" environment he found himself in.

As a person he got on well with, and could work with, others including some who were considered "prickly". He seemed to be able to transcend some of the politics that bogged some others.

I enjoyed our time together and was sad to see him go to explore his dream of working in the US; but happy to have crossed paths.

Ian Wilson, Lead Embedded Systems Enginer at


Anthony's engineering is meticulous, disciplined and thorough. He brings a considered and rational perspective to technical debates and decisions. He plays well with others. I can vouch for all the above having known Anthony professionally and personally for many years. Most recently Anthony worked in my Group at Ecoult designing and developing embedded electronic hardware devices for our UltraBattery management technology.

Ben Shepherd, Head Of Business Development & Product Management at

Whilst I tinkered with software and overall IT development, Anthony looked after the IT infrastructure at Calendar Club, and did so brilliantly. I like dependability. I like reliability. And so I can recommend Anthony. His back up and disaster recovery plans saved us more than once. His pro-active approach to the ever evolving IT sector kept Calendar Club at the fore-front of IT technology. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony.

Pete Bloomfield, IT Manager (2000-2011), Calendar Club

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

I could not recommend Anthony May more highly ideally to partner with as your IT solutions provider. I am delighted to have engaged his services to manage our complete IT need across 2 Countries supporting up to 40 staff for 12 years. I could not detail all the IT "stuff" he did to make the "thingy" work but it worked very well. Far more than that, his integrity as a person, his ability to seamlessly relate with a wide variety of people/users as well as his technical acumen make him an outstanding IT solutions provider. I rate him very highly and would be pleased to talk with any suitors if you wish to discuss in more detail.

Chris Barlow, General Manager (2006-2011), Calendar Club


Anthony May (Techydude) provided support to our company for 10 years prior to his move to Sydney. During that time we have grown from a privately owned company to an ASX listed company, going from about 7 users to 25 during that time in Victoria.  Anthony has assisted us in our growth by providing flexible support both on and off site. Anthony has also passed on enough knowledge to enable us to identify and fix basic problems without having to wait for on-site attendance - a great benefit to a business to provide minimum disruption.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services, especially for those small businesses looking for support during their growth.

Gwen Fenwick, Office Manager, Pro-Pac Packaging.