Hello, I'm Anthony May, aka Techydude.

I provide bespoke electronics design services to help you get your product idea out of your head and into reality, whether you need a quick hacked-together prototype to woo your VCs, through to a reliably manufactured product:

  • electronic circuit design & simulation (analog, digital, power, ELV & LV) 
  • schematic and PCB CAD in Altium Designer
  • firmware / embedded software coding of microcontrollers in C
  • Design for Manufacture & Test (DfM, DfT)
  • thorough Bill of Materials preparation targeting prototype, small, & medium volume
  • production test jig design & fabrication, & test procedure documentation
  • systems engineering & integration
  • practical product design guidance
I bring a cool head & good-humoured approach to a serious endeavour that comes from 28 years of commercial & industrial experience in both electronics design and IT, operating my own branded self-employment for 10+ years, while demonstrating I still "play well with others".

I'm comfortable operating across the development spectrum from "hack it 'till it works" through to a mature iterated design that's ready for efficient manufacturing & testing, and subject to a range of regulatory & compliance requirements.

My wordier & more detailed CV is my LinkedIn profile.  Please contact me via LinkedIn, or the contact page of this site.